Contractor’s Quality Control Plan

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The Artec Group, Inc through the utilization of a Quality Control System strives to obtain a uniform, high quality level of workmanship throughout all phases of procurement, fabrication, construction and installation of equipment and facilities. To assure this end, the following principles will be observed:

  • Assure the highest quality by maintaining supervised controls and written instructions and checks governing quality control procedures and practices, and establish clearly defined responsibility and authority for compliance.
  • Conform to all contractual requirements, plans and specifications, applicable military standards and The Artec Group, Inc. Quality Control Plan.
  • Notify Project Management, responsible vendors and the government of quality discrepancies for immediate corrective action and then assure that the corrective action is implemented properly.
  • The CQC System Manager will be located in a jobsite field office and shall be under the supervision of The Artec Group, Inc. home office.

Artec’s commitment to the Total Quality Management philosophy has earned us the reputation as a contractor who provides our customers with the highest quality of design, materials and workmanship on time and in the strictest compliance with the terms of each contract. Consistent with this philosophy is the policy that all of our management personnel, from our Home Office Management to our Job Site Superintendents, Take responsibility for the quality of all work with which they are involved. We recognize that achieving higher levels of quality while reducing time and costs are a continuous improvement process that benefits both our customer and ourselves.

Our Total Quality Management philosophy assures that our customers receive superior products and services by having an adequate staff with high levels of technical capability follow a well-defined “Quality Control Plan” along with established lines of authority.

Quality Control will be monitored and directed through our site CQC System Manager under the supervision of our Project Manager. The President of our company accepts final responsibility for quality.