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Founded in 1991 by Louis Sanchez, in its early years, ARTEC had its humble beginning as a small general contractor working with small school district renovation projects and small interior office build out services. For the first few months of operation, ARTEC’s offices were located in a garage in Tampa Bay, Florida.

As time passed, ARTEC reached out to other local, county and state construction projects performing various construction services for agricultural, retail, and multi-family projects.

ARTEC continued to grow and expand into the transportation, medical, hospitality, correction facilities and the US Military arena.

In 1994 ARTEC was accepted into the US Small Business Administration’s (8)a Business Development Program which, gave ARTEC the opportunity to further expand its Federal and Military construction operations domestically and internationally and to establish field office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Los Angeles California, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Washington DC area, Pacific Ocean, etc.

In 2005 ARTEC was graduated from the 8(a) program and was nominated for national 8(a) graduate of the year by the USSBA Miami district office.

ARTEC has continued its growth and ability to provide larger and geographically challenged projects.

Currently, ARTEC has developed into a full service LEED AP General Contractor, Design Builder and Construction Manager Firm.

ARTEC's portfolio of services includes construction management, design build, design bid build, hard bid build, Green LEED AP construction services and sustainable energy construction services. In addition Artec provides heavy HVAC/Mechanical services, oil and gas pipeline construction, site/underground utility construction, transportation, bridge-roadway-railway construction, aerospace facilities and hangers, office renovations, facility-space planning and construction, facility (O&M) operations and maintenance management services, SCIF, SAP & STO secured construction services, AT/FP design-construction services, demolition, remediation and engineering services.

ARTEC routinely delivers outstanding results to its clients. In fact, ARTEC has never failed to deliver on any project.

ARTEC has won numerous awards for its safety and quality control programs, designs and environmental services. ARTEC has achieved LEED Platinum, DoE Energy Star Building Certification, EPA Clean Indoor Air Building Certification, Water Star, etc. Artec has been certified as an Energy Star Partner and accepted into the US Department of Energy Star Partner program.

ARTEC has nothing less than “OUTSTANDING” prime contractor experience with the US SOCOM HQ, US CENTCOM HQ, USACE, NAVFAC, VA, DHS, USAF, USMC, CIA, FBI, USCG, DOT, the States of Florida and Oklahoma, multiple local and county governments, school districts, DOT, commercial and private clients. As its value added service, Artec is a 100% Owned Minority Business Enterprise