Casa Verde

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ROLE: Design/Build Contractor
PDESCRIPTION: "Casa Verde" is one of the first high performance green homes in South East United States.

Project Executive Louis H. Sanchez, LEED Accredited Professional
Professional Architect, Structural Engineer and Geotechnical Engineered and sealed design and drawings

• 95% of the entire project and its products are American made and installed.
• Earthquake, hurricane and fire resistant throughout.
• 90% of the foundation and structural system composed of US recycled steel/concrete
•10,000 KW (Kilowatt) Solar Voltaic electrical power thin film system
•16 SEER High efficiency Air Conditioning, Heating and humidity controled air comfort system
•Ductwork designed to distribute hot and cool air within conditioned airspace
•Supply and return air diffusers throughout to include MERV 13 filtering
•Central vacuum system pulling particles to the outside of breathable indoor airspaces
•FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) products
•Low flow water saving plumbing valves and fixtures
•LED interior and exterior lighting
•No/Low VOC paints and coatings
•Icynene and green guard glass insulation
•Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EFIS)
•"Smart" House and interior and exterior automation and entertainment
•Internet remote access HVAC, Security Video System and Solar Photo Voltaic electric system by cell phone, iPod, iPad, laptop or PC system locally or remotely from anyplace in the universe with internet access
•Low E – high reflective glass and glazing
•Hybrid Water heater powered with Solar Powered bidirectional metered energy
•Eco built and insualted hurricane resistant garage doors
•Citric whole house water filtering system
•Redundant drinking water filtration system
•Florida Friendly Landscaping and irrigation design
•ENR SouthEast, Best Residential/Hospitality Project


Mary Fiore, a Sarasota, Florida artist enhanced the well designed atmosphere by providing rich, vibrant accents on many of its walls. Her abstract expressionist style experimenting can best be appreciated as part of the architecture when viewed within the rooms of Casa Verde. To learn more about Mary and view her work and the Casa Verde paintings, click here.

Dining-Room-1.Kitchen1 Dining-Room.Kitchen1-

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