Florida National Guard Armory Renovation

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Role: General Contractor

Description: 12,000sf LEED Silver Renovation. The renovation will include removal and replacement of landscaping, demolition of exterior concrete slab for the construction of a new pre-engineered metal storage building, pressure washing all existing concrete parking and sidewalks, restriping parking lots, resealing construction joints in existing parking lot, installation of new fire protection system including a 25,000 gallon pressurized water tank and support slab, repairs to existing roof, the removal and replacement of existing ceiling tiles and grid, installation of new GWB ceilings, new millwork, removal and replacement of existing HVAC system, selective demolition of interior non-bearing partitions, selective demolition and replacement of interior slabs, construction of new steel stud partitions with both tile and GWB finish, new plumbing lines and fixtures tied into existing supply and waste, new electrical, IT and communications tied into existing, removal and replacement of all interior lighting, removal and replacement of building insulation, paint all interior spaces, paint exterior stucco, remove and replace all carpet, install new VCT flooring, refurbish/clean existing terrazzo floor, install some new doors and hardware, remove and replace existing storefront entry, remove and replace all exterior aluminum windows, provide (2) 40' storage containers for owners storage needs and provide a modular office trailer for the current armory staff to occupy during construction.

52% Completed

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